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Thriving Coaching, Consulting, and Training Team

The Thriving Leadership Academy provides a collaborative environment for consultants and coaches from various organizations to be trained and certified in the Thriving approach to consulting and coaching. Our curriculum follows a well-proven set of principles and methods that have been formulated and tested successfully for over 20 years.


While many of our certified graduates work solely within the organizations that sponsored their training, a handful of carefully selected master-certified consultants, coaches, and trainers work independently as part of the Academy's official team of independent contractors and/or key members of partner companies. If you or your organization are interested in becoming a certified Thriving coach, consultant, or trainer,  please contact us.

Christopher Harding - Master Certified Thriving Coach & Trainer

As co-founder of Luminary Communications, an international coaching, consulting, and training firm, Christopher became a co-founder of the Thriving Leadership Academy and co-author of Thriving in Business and Life the book upon which the Academy's curriculum is based.

Having previously served as a senior executive in the film, television, music, multimedia, and transportation industries, he brings hands-on experience to his role as coach, consultant, and trainer. As one of the key contributors to the Academy's client list, Christopher has gained valuable experience working in diverse industries and cultures throughout the world and brings the valuable lessons he's learned to each endeavor he engages in.

Will Wilkinson - Master Certified Thriving Coach & Trainer

Will is the founder of Natural Wisdom, LLC a coaching, training, and consulting firm focused on entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, Will is also a co-founder of the Thriving Leadership Academy and co-author of Thriving in Business and Life the book upon which the Academy's curriculum is based.

Will has authored numerous books, including the new business bestseller, The Success Paradox -- How to Surrender and Win in Business and Life with Gary C. Cooper. Will brings a wealth of practical experience as a successful entrepreneur and founder of several health-related community organizations. As Executive Director of the Open Mind Health Fitness Foundation, his podcasts, blogs, and books are enjoyed by audiences around the world.

Rachel Kalb, MBA - Master Certified Thriving Coach & Trainer

As the CEO of Abundance Business Consulting, Rachel utilizes her years of experience helping entrepreneurs and new business start-ups find their success path. Having served as a key developer of the Thriving GPS for Life App and a content developer, Rachel also brings a wealth of real-world experience to the Academy's team of coaches and consultants with experience in executing sales strategies, launching partnerships, social media marketing strategy and execution, as well as strategic and educational strategies with artificial intelligence including Chat GPT.

Having served as a Health Coach and Health Coach Manager at the highly touted weight loss and behavioral science company, Noom, and a Wellness Administrator at Plexis Wellness Administrator Systems, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the power of mindset, emotional intelligence, and behavioral modification strategies to those with whom she works.

Ralph Harding - Master Certified Thriving Coach & Trainer

As CEO of Harding & Associates, a well-established business coaching and consulting firm, Ralph has a proven track record of working with individuals, teams, and companies to reach their full potential, from start-ups to highly profitable enterprises and business turnarounds.


For more than 40 years Ralph has diplomatically yet sustainably imposed the discipline and rigor of operational excellence in the companies he is associated with. His expertise is centered in thorough due diligence research followed by conceptualizing and implementing strategy in all ten areas of business administration:


He has served in leadership capacities such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, and as a member of both advisory boards and boards of directors with for-profit organizations in a wide range of diverse industries.

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